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I started exhibiting my work professionally in 1996. Since then I have participated in numerous studio tours, as well as exhibiting my work in solo shows.

A graduate of the Dundas Valley School of Art Foundations Programme, I have also taken a number of courses at the Haliburton School of Art and Design. I taught art to elementary students for many years. Upon retiring early in 2013, I  turned to art as a full-time endeavour. In addition to pursuing my own practice, I taught teens and adults at the Dundas Valley School of Art for several years.

In 2021 I moved to a semi-rural property just outside Perth, Ontario, where I am daily inspired by the natural beauty surrounding me.

My current focus is two-fold. I am working on a series of landscape paintings and continuing to explore the world of watercolour monotype printmaking.

Previously, my landscape paintings were largely abstract. More recently, I have found myself moving toward a representational landscape approach, but still wanting to interpret landscapes as a series of simplified shapes, lines, and colours. In my new series, I hope to show the viewer that skies don’t need to be blue, and that trees can be any colour you want. It is all about “seeing” with your heart, and not just your eyes.

Printmaking, especially watercolour monotypes, is a fascinating process. It requires painstaking attention to the process of preparing a plate and pulling the image, yet one has to be prepared to “let go” and see what happens when the actual image appears. This is both liberating, and joyous. I love that each image is unique and one-of-a-kind. Many of my monotypes reflect my interest in nature by incorporating natural objects such as leaves and feathers into the printmaking process. Others are more abstract and focus on shapes and textures. I also enjoy revisiting images, and adding in lines and shapes using archival pen in order to further develop the image. Creating monotypes allows me to explore a wide variety images and ideas all unified by the printmaking process.

Regardless of the medium in which I create, my works are inspired by colour, shape, texture and line.

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Alison Sawatzky Artist

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